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Online Booking is now closed!

To choose the space you want, move your mouse over the different area markers.  Once you find a space you like, click on it to add it to the cart.  Check out via Paypal, add  your address, email and cell phone number if not already included. Your mirror tags will be sent out by the registrar within 7 days of booking. You can also book an RV space , this is done separately, please check the map below.  Dry camping is also available for $20/night.



terms-conditionsPlease note we can only do this on a “First booked, First served” basis.  We do our best to accommodate your choice.

book-RV-space-seattleautoswapmeetRV Spaces – online bookings:

You can also book an RV space, but that needs to be booked separately from your stall.  Please check the map and view the RV parking areas. Then click on the RV icon to go to the booking page, pick a spot and add it to your cart.



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